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Hi - my name is Sharie Walerstein and my journey with Reiki began in 2008 when I was seeking complementary and alternative therapies for my husband's RSD/chronic pain.   Reiki gave him great results; he experienced less pain, required less pain meds, and he even slept better.  Knowing I was on to something, I went on to obtain Reiki I, II and Advanced training. When my sister was diagnosed with leukemia in late 2011 and given just a short time to live she enjoyed receiving Reiki from me and the Hospice Reiki volunteer on a regular basis until her passing in August, 2012.  I saw firsthand that it helped her maintain a decent quality of life to the end and even eased her anxiety  about dying.  In early 2013 I suffered a ruptured aneurysm and subarachnoid hematoma that almost ended my life. I believe the Distance Reiki I received from my teacher, the self-Reiki I had been trained to do, and the prayers of loved ones saved my life and guided the hands of the neurosurgeon during the hours long microsurgery.  I was fortunate that I didn't suffer any permanent brain damage or cognitive impairment from the rupture or the stents and coil to repair it.  I was also able to leave the Neurological ICU 7-10 days earlier than any previous patients with similar brain trauma to return home and to full time work a week later. I took the Advanced Reiki training again in 2018 as a refresher course before completing a very intense Master/Teacher - Shinpiden training and heeding the call to share Reiki with others in a professional setting.
Our world is in need of healing and I passionately believe every time one of us is healed on any level, some part of the world is healed too.   My journey to wellness continues to evolve and expand with Reiki at its heart.  I hope you'll join me.  Namaste.